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Drunk Driving Accident Injuries During the Summer Holidays

drunk drivingSummertime is synonymous with fun for many individuals, and many times that fun includes alcoholic beverages. And, even with tougher DUI laws, people still continue to drive “buzzed” in many instances during the holiday season. But, the real problem with driving under the influence is not knowing how to avoid being stopped by police authorities. The problems occur when those who are drinking and driving are also involved in serious or even fatal accidents, which is why it is always a good decision to consult with a Miami car accident attorney before contacting the respondent insurance company.

Why You Should Call an Attorney First

Florida is an “at fault” auto insurance state, which means the insurance company that is responsible for paying damages may not be easy when it comes to negotiation. On the other hand, if both drivers are insured by the same insurance company, agents are often very cordial because they know they will pay some amount of benefits. Nationwide car insurance claims are a primary example. It is a known fact that the number of insurance claims increase in the summer, many of which also involve opposing litigants who have been cited for illegal driving behavior. Insurance companies understand this predicament, and they can often be either more difficult in negotiation or very amiable when they think they can prevent a claimant from retaining an accident attorney. This even includes recording the initial phone call looking for reasons to reduce a claim.

Why You Need an Attorney

The main focus for the insurance company is always reducing the amount of general damages they will be required to pay, and convincing a claimant to settle out of court can result in a significant reduction in claim payouts if they can end the case with a quick low-ball settlement offer complete with a signature before the claimant talks to an attorney. This is because injured accident victims typically receive up to three times the amount of general damages that claimants without an attorney receive. If the insurance company cannot sweep the claim under the rug quickly, they will hold out in an attempt to make the claimant settle for less before a court date can be set. This is where an attorney comes in, as all Miami accident attorneys understand that punitive damages could well be in line as well as a whole damage claim in a drunk driving case.

The attorney you choose makes a major difference in summertime auto accident injury claims. Always call an experienced Miami injury claim lawyer who will craft your case for maximum compensation.

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