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What type of Compensation can I get after a Car Accident in Florida?

compensation for injuriesAuto accidents often leave the injured victims in a precarious situation after the fact. Not only do all injured parties need medical treatment and rehabilitation time following the accident, many not able to work or even have transportation to get there regardless of the injury. The aftermath alone can actually be devastating beyond the injuries. Luckily in the state of Florida for the current time, no fault personal injury protection insurance law is in effect for those who need immediate coverage for medical bills and lost wages following an accident. But, what is the recourse for non-economic pain-and-suffering general damages or property damage compensation when the case is finally settled? This is the primary question for most accident victims, and these major components of an accident settlement will always require an experienced injury claim lawyer for those who want equitable compensation even when dealing with a big box insurance provider like Progressive Insurance.

Economic Damages

Some items that can be claimed are specific in terms of financial calculation. These damages are classed as economic damages. They can include financial recovery for medical bills, some lost wages, and necessary expenses associated with the claim. These claims are typically filed with the insurance company of the driver under the current no fault law, and they can become very important if injuries are catastrophic or a collision results in a fatality. If there is a discreet monetary value to an item, it is an economic damage claim.

Non-economic Damages

The most important component of an auto accident claim is always the non-economic general damages connected to the pain and suffering resulting from the injury. Determining this amount is usually the most difficult issue in a personal injury case when serious injuries implicate long term injury compensation. Accidents that result in fatalities could also set standing for the family to sue for wrongful death when your Aventura personal injury attorney can prove potential gross negligence is the result of the accident investigation.

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