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Rear End Accidents

rear end accidentWhat is a Rear End Accident? 

A rear end accident occurs when a car crashes into a vehicle that is in front of it. There are 4.2 million accidents that occur each year that involve two vehicles. Almost half of these accidents are rear end accidents. Distracted drivers often cause these accidents.

Being involved in a rear end accident can be frustrating. The good news is that people who have been injured in a rear end accident can hire an Aventura car accident attorney.

Who is Liable for a Rear End Accident? 

The person who crashes into the car in front of it is usually the one who is responsible. However, in some cases, the driver who was hit may be held responsible. For example, if the car reverses suddenly, then they may be held responsible. The driver who was hit may also be held responsible if they drive with a flat tire.

Common Rear End Accident Injuries 


A concussion can occur if the driver’s head hits the window or dashboard. In some cases, the symptoms of a concussion do not show up immediately. That is why people who have been involved in an accident should be monitored for signs of a concussion for at least 24 hours. Some of the signs of a concussion include dizziness, blurred vision and headaches.

Broken Bones 

Many people think that a broken bone is nothing to worry about. In most cases, a broken bone will heal after it is put in a cast. However, some patients experience decreased functionality in the limb.

Whiplash Injuries 

Whiplash occurs when the head suddenly whips back and then moves forward.

Contact Injury Claim Lawyers 

You need the help of an Aventura rear end accident lawyer if you have been hurt in an accident. The attorney will look over your claim and determine whether you can get compensation. Dealing with the insurance company can be frustrating.

Your attorney can help you file an Infinity insurance claim.



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