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Lyft injury claims

Reasons to File Lyft Injury Claims from Your Insurer

Most rideshare drivers want the highest ratings, and their passengers want only smooth, trouble-free rides. However, there are situations beyond your control that may require you to file an injury claim against Lyft.

Why Lyft Is Responsible 

Getting into a car accident while riding as a Lyft passenger can be traumatic in itself. At that moment it is hard to think of what steps are needed to take. If you or the driver are injured call 911. Take documentation of the accident with pictures and eye witness accounts and make a injury claim through Lyft.

Every rideshare company performs background screening for their drivers and provides insurance coverage for their drivers and passengers. While you are a passenger in a Lyft vehicle the company is responsible for your safety. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

You can also sue the driver of another car that hit you. Show proof of your medical injuries along with proof of negligence on the other driver’s side. This is proven if the driver was uninsured or had prior speeding violations when the accident happened. In some cases, the at-fault driver was texting or driving while intoxicated and the insurance company made settlements to avoid going to court.

Contact an Attorney 

Contact a Miami car accident attorney to handle your Lyft case. As the passenger, the driver should be held liable for your medical bills and injuries. However, for your safety and mental wellbeing, you should not confront the Lyft driver upfront. That’s why an attorney is needed to collect evidence and develop a case to bring to court. An injury claim lawyer knows all of the legal guidelines.

Every employer should be held responsible for its employees, including a multimillion-dollar company like Lyft. If you get into an accident while using this service, learn how you can recover by contacting an experienced attorney. Miami personal injury attorneys have your best interests in mind and not the insurance company.






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